ISACA’s CareerPedia Webinar Empowers Students to Explore IT Career Paths

ISACA, the renowned student group at the University of Kelaniya, recently organized an enlightening webinar, “CareerPedia,” to shed light on diverse career paths within the IT industry. Held on August 12, 2022, this virtual event attracted over 100 participants via Zoom. The webinar featured Mr. Chandimal Wickramaratne, Chief Executive Officer of Embla Software Innovation (PVT) Ltd., who shared valuable insights and expertise.

Given the rapid growth and ever-evolving nature of the IT industry, students often face uncertainties when deciding on their career paths. Recognizing this need, UOK ISG orchestrated the CareerPedia webinar as a platform for students to explore various job opportunities and make informed decisions about their future.

Mr. Chandimal, along with fellow intern Rohan Dananjaya, captivated the audience with their extensive knowledge. As the CEO of Embla Software Innovation, Mr.Chandimal Wikramaratne delved into industry trends, challenges, and prospects, highlighting pathways such as software development, cybersecurity, data analytics, and project management.

The interactive nature of the webinar allowed students to actively engage by asking questions and seeking guidance from the guest speaker. Mr. Chandimal’s insightful comments not only provided students with a better understanding of the skills, credentials, and market requirements associated with different IT careers but also offered valuable advice to navigate their professional journeys.

The success of the CareerPedia webinar can be attributed to the combined efforts of the ISACA student group at the University of Kelaniya, led by Dinithi Tharushini and Lakshani Erandhika. Their dedication ensured a seamless and enriching experience for all participants, allowing them to maximize the benefits of the event.

As a token of appreciation, the UOK ISACA student group presented Mr. Chandimal Wickramaratne and Rohan Dananjaya with a gesture of gratitude, acknowledging their significant contribution. The organizers and attendees expressed deep appreciation for his willingness to share his time, knowledge, and skills, demonstrating his commitment to nurturing the next generation of IT professionals.

In conclusion, the CareerPedia webinar provided students with a remarkable opportunity to explore various IT career paths. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of ISACA and the valuable insights from Mr. Chandimal and Rohan, this event empowered students and played a vital role in ensuring the future success of the IT industry.

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