Cloud Computing Unleashed, Insights from “FutureEve” Webinar by UOK ISACA Student Group

The UOK ISACA Student Group conducted an informative and eagerly anticipated webinar called “FutureEve,” which was expertly carried out using the Zoom platform. Taking place on the distinguished date of December 22nd, 2022, this captivating event directed its spotlight towards the dynamic and ever-evolving realm of cloud computing, captivating a diverse assembly of enthusiastic attendees.

Featuring esteemed guest speakers, including Mr. Tharaka Wehalla, Mr. Upul Weeramuni, and Mr. Chandula Ekanayake, the event provided a comprehensive overview of cloud computing concepts. The presenters captivated the audience in the virtual setting with their in-depth knowledge and skills.

Commencing his presentation, Mr Tharaka Wehalla initiated by presenting an overview of the fundamental concepts of cloud computing and an outline of the different approaches employed in this groundbreaking technology. Drawing on relatable examples from everyday life and incorporating case studies, he proceeded to illustrate the practical applications and effectiveness of utilizing the cloud.

Building upon Mr. Tharaka’s presentation, Mr. Chandula Ekanayake conducted an engaging practical session, allowing participants to gain hands-on experience with cloud computing tools and platforms. This interactive segment facilitated a deeper understanding of the practical aspects of working with cloud technologies, empowering the attendees to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

The event’s interactive question and answer session proved to be a highlight, with attendees actively participating and posing numerous intriguing questions on cloud computing. Mr. Upul Weeramuni skillfully moderated the session, ensuring that each question was addressed and clarified, fostering an atmosphere of knowledge exchange and active learning.

To conclude the event on a high note, a quiz was organized for the participants. This quiz not only tested the participants’ comprehension of the topics covered during the webinar but also added a fun and competitive element to the virtual gathering.

Overall, the UOK ISACA Student Group’s webinar, “FutureEve,” focused on cloud computing, was a resounding success. The expert presentations by Mr. Tharaka Wehalla, Mr. Upul Weeramuni, and Mr. Chandula Ekanayake provided attendees with a vivid overview of cloud computing concepts, practical applications, and real-world insights. The interactive Q&A session and the quiz added an element of interactivity, ensuring an enriching and enjoyable experience for all participants.

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